Thurrock Marching Brass start the 2017 summer season on top

July 4, 2017

On Sunday 2 July the youngsters of Thurrock Marching Brass, together with their staff and supporters travelled to Woking football club to compete in their first Drum Corps United Kingdom ( competition of the 2017 contesting season.


The journey to Woking was noisy and great fun with the atmosphere really setting the scene for an equally enjoyable day. Our friends at Cadence Drum & Bugle Corps hosted the event, and the sun decided to pay a visit too, making the competitive conditions almost perfect.


Kicking off the competition at 12.45pm, Thurrock Marching Brass entered the arena for their Junior Class opening show performance. Working hard in rehearsals on their show, entitled Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, it was clear from the first moment they stepped across the line onto the field that they were giddy to unleash all their hard work to the enthusiastic audience.


They didn’t disappoint either, and after a nervous start, they remembered to have fun and to replicate what they had learnt off the field. This performance was a great start to their 2017 campaign. They sold the storyline combining a cleverly put together soundtrack with articulate and well executed musicality from all sections on the field and with grace through the colourguard that really brought the story to life.


A very rewarding first place, a Junior Class highest score of the season so far, with the colourguard notching up a score placing them third across Europe in the Junior Class; and with their highest ever overall DCUK starting score, the youngsters of Thurrock Marching Brass have set the bar for others to follow at this juncture. They know there is stiff competition though, and the hard work continues as the production is developed further for everyone’s enjoyment.


Thurrock Marching Brass has also entered the British Youth Band Association ( Championship Class, two classes above their 2016 level.  On Sunday 9 July they travel to Daventry for their first BYBA contest of the 2017 season. If you are able to attend please cheer the youngsters on, along with all the other brilliant performers on the day.


Thurrock Marching Brass Corps Director, Jay Lindner said, “I cannot believe just how nervous I was today, not for the kids as they love to perform and have the best of times showcasing what they can do at their age, no I was nervous because just like every other person in my position on the day I couldn’t do any more than to let go for that brief moment when the announcer asks, ‘is your corps ready’. Once the kids started their performance though my nerves turned to excitement, and then to elation at seeing the things that some of the kids had tried to get right rehearsal after rehearsal finally to nail it. Small things that only my staff and I would notice and little things that each and every member delivered. At the conclusion of their performance today that elation turned to pride. I was so proud of these youngsters today, and in true TMB style, surrounded by a sea of bulging eyes of expectation post their performance, one of the younger members finally piped up ‘was that performance good enough for sweets today Jay?’ Well I can tell you, it was extremely deserving of the sweets that followed, and to huge cheers from the members. I love that innocence about our kids, it won’t last forever, but for now I genuinely couldn’t be happier for them, for my incredible staff and for our amazing support and parent base. Team TMB has started the season well. Now we have to work hard to push the program as far as we can for everyone’s entertainment.”


Thurrock Marching Brass is proud to perform as much as they can within the community and you can keep up to date with all their engagements on our website below or by following them on Facebook.

Twitter @thurrockMB



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