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All the latest news about Thurrock Marching Brass, Thurrock Academy &  Drumsound45 can be found here.

You can also see videos of our time with the famous Ant & Dec in this section too along with the many other engagements and events we have taken part in  


We are always excited to be taking part in your special events or occasions so if you think we can help or you would like for us to perform please get in touch



We are excited to offer Thurrock Marching Brass branded items at very competitive prices for you all to enjoy. Check out what we have on offer in our merchandise store


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Thurrock Marching Brass is a marching and performing arts organisation dedicated to giving the kids of Thurrock  and surrounding areas the very best experiences, specialising in music, dance, choreography and marching performance opportunities all over the country as well as team work, discipline and just the right ingredients to ensure that everyone has fun.


Re-Launched for the kids of Thurrock and its surrounding areas on 18 October 2010, the Band opened its doors to the first batch of youngsters, and started the building process. Similarities with the original launch in 1973 started to emerge, with 13 first night members, the same as for the original band all those years ago. The original band closed in May 1989.


The Band enters competitions across the UK an Europe and perform locally within the community, including at fayres, fetes, carnivals, parades, as well as Christmas Carols and other seasonal opportunities. Since re-launching they are 4 times British Champions at the Junior level and 5 times British Championship Runners-up and as individuals and small ensemble groups since that time have won in excess of 130 medals at National Individuals & Ensemble competitions. They even set a Guinness World Record for the longest line of Fanfare Trumpets in 2014.


Thurrock Marching Brass is open to all youngsters from Thurrock and its surrounding areas that are aged primarily between 8 and 16 years old. No experience is necessary and all instruments and equipment is provided. 

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